Things you must not Dispose in Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal unit is an essential part of kitchen. But sometimes it is quite difficult to determine some things that can be disposed in it or not.

#Condiments and cooking oil – Both the condiments or cooking oil mustn’t be poured into garbage disposal unit as it causes a clog. These substances are acidic in nature, which could cause harm to the metal blades of garbage disposal. The better option is to dispose these substance in drainage system or sink.

#Egg shells – The egg shells if thrown into the garbage disposal unit will cause a clog as well. The egg shells are not sharp, but due to their small size they can jam the drain pipes in drainage system.

#Food particles – Food leftovers must be disposed into rubbish bin and not into garbage disposal unit or sink. These food particles may breakdown when combined with water and cause a clog in drain pipes.

#Pasta – Pasta pieces whether cooked or raw are hard in nature so it might also create a blockage issue if disposed of wrongly in this manner. If you have an open kitchen plan then ensure that your family members dispose it right by placing them inside waste bins unless you also want to prepare it again.

#Hard fruits – Hard fruits like orange and lemon are quite difficult to break down, if disposed in wrong manner then they are more likely cause a clog than help the disposal unit run smoothly.

#Cotton balls – Cotton balls may seem harmless but they are not! These cotton particles can easily catch up with other food particles or remain undigested and block garbage disposal unit. You must dispose these cotton pieces inside bins else ensure that no one places them in kitchen sink or drain pipes.

*If you have septic tank then avoid placing tissue paper as well as sanitary waste inside your house drainage system.*

#Pet hair – The pet’s hair is quite fine and if thrown in the drain pipes then it could become easy prey for bacteria thus blocking the drainage system leading to clogs.

#Wet wipes – This is not only non-biodegradable but also unsafe for your bite pipes because after using it may get stuck inside the drains causing blockages. So when taking out any wipes, wipe it down with dry rags and dispose of it properly in your bin.

#Gum – The gum is not only hard to break down but also contains chemicals which are bad for the environment. This causes a clog in drains when disposed wrongly inside garbage disposal unit.

#Q-tips – Q-tips have cotton on one end and sharp metal at other, so they can easily damage the blades present in drain pipes too. These q-tips are non biodegradable as well, making its presence inappropriate inside the drainage system of your home.

#Meat bone – As per health expert’s suggestion meat bones shouldn’t be disposed inside the garbage disposal unit because its sharp edges can cause serious damage to your machine. Rather you should chop them up properly before disposing them in sink/drainage system.

#Chicken bones– You need to avoid chicken bones like pastry bone or small bones like leg bone. These could cause serious damage to your garbage disposal unit. So it is better to chop them properly before disposing.

#Coffee grounds and filters – If you are using disposable coffee maker then remember not to dispose the grounds inside your garbage disposal unit, it might jam the drain pipes. You can also try putting grapefruit peels when used in place of coffee grounds and for unfiltered water or cold water, the best option could be cold brew coffee filter which is a paper based filter that allows all coffee oils sit instead of going through the garbage disposal unit.

#Fiber rich foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and celery– These fiber rich food mustn’t be cut into smaller pieces because they have very hard texture and if attempted will cause clogs in drainage pipes.

#Vegetable skins – Vegetable skin like peels of potato, carrots and cucumber, you need to chop properly before disposing them inside sink/drainage system.

#Styrofoam cups – Styrofoam are hard in nature so it could harm the garbage disposal unit by causing a jamming issue if disposed improperly so rather use paper coffee filters instead. You can also try putting grapefruit peels when used in place of coffee grounds and for unfiltered water or cold water, the best option could be cold brew coffee filter which is a paper based filter that allows all coffee oils sit instead of going through the garbage disposal unit.

#Suet– Suet pieces from meat will make the garbage disposal unit dirty and unhygienic which is not good for your health.

#Glass – Glass pieces may seem harmless but think again! It can easily get shattered once thrown inside the garbage disposal unit causing severe blockages inside drain pipes of your house leading to bad smell and irritation from neighbors. So glass pieces must never be disposed inside garbage disposals unit. You should rather take your junk to junkshops or dispose in trash bins.

# Food/Bottles and wrappers– Most of the food and drink containers are made with plastics which will not only cause jamming inside drain pipes but also harm aquatic life in water bodies thus affecting the environment and subsequently the whole society. So try to avoid using disposable materials like cups, plates, spoons etc. Sometimes even saving paper on time can help you from disposing it in garbage disposal unit instead of throwing it inside sink/drainage system as it may clog the drains if disposed incorrectly.

#Bread crumbs – Bread crumbs are harsh and aren’t recommended for use inside a food waste disposer. Rather you should freeze leftover bread slices/crumbs and dispose them with other food wastes on regular days of trash collection service by municipal sanitation department.

#Grapefruit, lemon etc skin – Fruit peels/skins can hinder the blades of garbage disposal unit. So it is best to avoid using these skins inside your garbage disposal unit.

#Cardboard and paper towels– As per many experts these substances are not recommended for a jobs like cardboard and paper could cause clog in your pipes or garbage disposal unit’s blades. Rather you should dispose them properly separately through sink or drainage system.

If all these things are disposed properly then they not only keep your house clean but also help you save money from repairing damages caused by frequent blockages and breakdowns too. If your unit gets choked, you need to see a Plumber at once because it would be too much risky to use any hand held tool on an electric device which is faulty. Only an expert can notice what exactly has gone wrong with the garbage disposal & only he can fix it.

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