What’s the Difference Between Drain Clearing and Drain Cleaning?

We cannot tell the difference when someone asks us about cleaning and clearing. That is because they mean the same thing in general terms. But when it comes to drains, these two words mean very different things.

Usually cleaning and clearing both means to remove dirt and trash from a place. But let us talk about drain clearing and cleaning. Drain clearing refers to removing the necessary amount of clogs from the pipes to ensure water flow. Drain cleaning means removing all clogs, dirt, and any debris from the pipe and making it clean as new.

Let us give you a more detailed explanation. So stick to us till the end.

Drain Clearing

Drain clearing refers to removing clogs in your drain pipes to ensure proper water flow. It is a suitable solution for new homes and draining systems. What happens here is that the plumber removes a few pieces of clogs with his/her machinery. Waterflow will continue after cleaning that clog.

It is a short-term quick solution. The only drawback is there will be remnants of the clog particles. This will result in jamming the pipe in the future. Then you will need to clear the pipe again with a clog cleaner.

How does the plumber perform drain clearing? With their machinery. There are dedicated machinery and tools for drain clearing. The tool used here is called ‘snake’.

The snake is a combination of small sharp metal blades powered by a powerful motor. These blades will cut and clean the clog. This part is attached with a durable cable. The plumber lowers the blades with this cable and cuts the clog. The clog cannot be fully cut and cleared out in this procedure. You will need to use drain cleaning for removing those remnants of clogs.

Will there be any problem if you leave those clogs in the drain? Yes, those clogs will stick more trash and jam and restrict water flow again.

Drain Cleaning

Now, what is drain cleaning? It is a more permanent long-term solution. It is perfect for old drain pipes which are jammed with multiple clogs. Drain cleaning effectively cleans all clogs, grease, and anything that is restricting water flow in your drain pipes.

You may ask, why not call for a drain cleaner the first time? That is because most of us look at the cost of service rather than the effectiveness. Cost-wise, drain cleaning is more expensive than drain clearing. That is why people call for drain clearing often. But in the long run, drain cleaning is a cheap solution.

In drain cleaning, the plumber uses a special type of water hose. This hose blasts the water at an enormous speed that cleans off all clogs and geese from the pipe walls. As all grease and dirt are removed, new clogs will not build up easily.

Differences Between Drain Clearing and Drain Cleaning

The main difference between drain clearing and drain cleaning is its procedure and effectiveness. Drain clearing is a short-term quick solution that resumes the water flow in the pipes. Drain cleaning is a long-term effective solution for your pipes.

Other fundamental differences are the tools used in these procedures and the cost. Drain clearing uses a tool called the ‘snake’. It cuts the clog with rotary blades. Drain cleaning uses a special water hose that blasts water into the pie and cleans it with the water force.

Drain clearing is cheap and Drain cleaning is comparatively more expensive.

DIY Drainpipe Cleaning & Why It’s a Horrible Option?

We know how much some of you love doing DIY projects. It makes you feel proud and independent. But it should not be implemented everywhere. Especially not in rain cleaning.

Drain cleaning may seem very simple. You just remove a piece of clog in your drain pipe. But in reality, there is more to it.

There are many DIY tools for drain cleaning in the market. You can use drain cleaning solutions. Or you can use a plunger. But none of them are good solutions. They are a horrible idea.

Why? The solution you are using for drain cleaning contains acid. It can eat through the material and points of your drain pipes. This may make the problem even worse. What about the plunger? The plunger uses air pressure for cleaning. It may work sometimes but there is a risk. It can permanently damage the pipe walls and ruin your drainage system. So better hand over thighs to professionals. Give the Residential Plumbing services Bethel Park, PA a call if you live around there.

Drain Cleaning Errors to Avoid in Your House

If you are going for DIY drainpipe cleaning, then make sure you avoid these errors.

●  Do not overuse drain cleaners

Drain cleaner solution has acids. Overusing them will damage the pipe.

●  Carefully use the plunger

If you forcefully use the plunger, it can bend and damage the pipes. So be careful with that tool.

●  Do not use bathroom and garden hose for drain cleaning

These types of hse will have more water in the pipes. So avoid using them.

●  Don’t forget to call a professional

Just stop and call a professional. It is not that hard. There are plumbers everywhere. You have Plumbers in Bethel Park, PA. You have Drain Cleaning Services in your neighborhoods. Just call them.

How Much Does It Price For A Plumbing Professional To Unclog A Drain Pipe?

Plumbers will charge you differently for different pipe clogging. The rate also changes with time. Let us pull out the latest data for unclogging a drain pipe.

Unclogging means clearing/ snaking. So the price we are reviewing now is the cost of drain clearing.

According to the latest statistics, plumbers charge a minimum of $75 for unclogging a drain. The recorded data suggests that this cost can go upto $550. That depends on the type of drain pipe the plumber will have to unclog.

What is the very best method to clean drains?

The best method to clean drains is undoubtedly the specialized water hose, or should we say drain cleaning.

But not in a DIY setup. In a professional setup. So call in Plumber in Alameda, CA or any other plumbing service and get the job done.


So that is the fundamental difference between drain clearing and drain cleaning. Drain clearing is cheap and a quick short-term solution. If our problem is small and new, then call fr it.

For old drain pipes that have frequent drainage issues, call for drain cleaning. This will remove all clogs and make it clean as new. Usually, Clogged Drain Cleaning services are very expensive.

Whatever you do, call for a Professional Plumber.

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