The Complete Guide to Water Pipe Repairs

Water pipes are an integral part of life, and at some point in time, each person will experience problems with their water pipe. From a simple water leak to complete system failure, the need for repairs is unavoidable. This blog post will go over some of the common types of water line repairs needed for water pipes so that you can learn what to do when your home experiences issues. 

Why you must fix a leak immediately?

Water waste can cost you money, Water waste is one of the most common causes of water pipe problems. Water that constantly runs, even if it does not appear to be wastefully high, can be just as damaging. Water that remains in the pipes while they are constantly pressurized will build up minerals and rust. Water leaks occur when enough pressure has built up that the weak point gives way and water flows out. Water pipes will typically leak where they connect to other systems such as a sink, toilet, or other water leaks

Understanding the different types of leaky pipes

Waterpipe leaks can be caused by several different issues. Water that is constantly running and wastefully high water pressure can both cause leaks, but the result will be the same: wasted money and damaged pipes.  Water leaks can be difficult to track down, but the above links should give you some good places to start. Water pipe problems can arise from all sorts of sources

Finding hidden plumbing leaks

Water Pipe leaks can arise from any number of sources, but some are easier to find than others. Water pressure typically will provide a good clue as to where the leak is coming from. Water that remains at high pressure while it is constantly running will build up minerals inside the pipe and cause rusting over time. Water that runs slow or remains stagnant will not typically rust or build up minerals. Water that seeps slowly from a joint in the pipe will often need to be tracked from the outside of the pipe. Water leaks from interior wall piping can sometimes be difficult to track, but pipes should typically run straight out from their connections, and following each connection should lead you to the source of the leak. 

Should I call a plumber, or can I fix a leaky pipe myself?

Waterpipe repairs can be difficult, and they should only be attempted by trained professionals. Excess water pressure is very dangerous, and working with it is a health hazard even for an experienced plumber. If you have already done some research on the problem and have found the source of the leak but you are not sure if you can fix it yourself, you should call a plumber. Water leaks can be very dangerous if left unattended, and this is especially true with pressure-related water pipe problems. Water that seeps from a join in the piping may not be hazardous, but it can cause ruined flooring or even major damage to the entire house if left for too long. Shut off the water valve as soon as possible. that controls the supply of water to it when the pipe bursts. Even if the leak is minor, make plans for a permanent repair. You should always have a professional check out your plumbing system to make sure it is safe and working properly.

Some emergency steps to take

  1. Water pipe repairs can be dangerous and you should never attempt to work on your system unless you are confident in your abilities. Water pressure is powerful, and plumbing repair services typically charge a flat rate rather than an hourly fee. This means that plumbers do not make more money when they spend extra time on a job, so it is expected that you know what you are doing when you call a professional. Water pipes typically have high water pressure behind them, and this force is extremely dangerous if the blockage has not been relieved before the repair begins. If something does go wrong, it can be difficult to get a professional out of your home in an emergency.
  2. Shutting off the water supply to your home is typically the first order of business when you are faced with a water pipe that needs immediate repair. Water pipes are connected to main valves in most buildings, and these should be shut off immediately. Water may still seep from the joint where the pipe meets the valve because pressure can build inside of these joints even if they are shut off. Water that seeps from a joint will typically need to be tracked down and repaired by hand, so you should leave this task to a professional.
  3. Water that has already damaged your home should be cleaned up before you attempt any repairs on the water system. Water pressure can cause further damage when it is applied to compromised piping, so you will need to check for leaks before turning the water back on.
  4. Water damage is extremely difficult to repair, and it can be even more challenging if you are trying to repair yourself. Water pressure is powerful, so you must always take precautions when trying to fix your system. A professional will have the proper equipment for working with water, making them much better equipped to handle repairs on your home’s plumbing.

When it comes to water pipes, the average cost of repairs is $500, with $300-$400 going toward labor and the rest to supplies.


Water piping can be repaired at home if you know what you are doing, but it is not recommended for amateurs. Water pressure is dangerous and can cause severe damage to your home if handled incorrectly. Water line repair & service should be left for experienced plumbing professionals because they will know how to fix problems that arise with this type of system. Plumbing Heroes is the answer to water line repair problems! Contact our experts today!