Cleaning Heroes

The New Standard of Cleaning

The cleaning team that guarantees, not just a clean home, but a completely safe and disinfected environment for you and your family. Spots, dirt and mold free, bacteria and viruses free, odors free, bags and insects free and chemicals free. Completely safe environment for babies and pets!

We guarantee a new experience of your own home!

Our team offers an innovative and modern ways to clean. Using new and innovative methods to not only clean your space, but to efficiently disinfect every inch and corner of your space, providing  you the cleanest home you ever had!

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Redefining Clean

Cleaning heroes are bringing a new standard of clean air!

Our team uses powerful steamers, and foggers,non toxic, non flammable, biodegradable botanical solutions to clean your space from dirt,mold,bacteria,viruses and  fungus. Imagine to come back home into a space not only sparkling clean, but into a completely safe, sanitized  environment, without bacteria and mold! Your home will not only feel clean it will be cleaner than ever!

Residential Cleaning

The way we work is what makes us unique!

We offer one time or recurring services. We work closely with you to build a cleaning plan that fits your needs.

We do a first time deep clean and we repeat that with no cost for our recurring customers.

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The Way We Work…

What is a deep clean?

Cleaning heroes will use steam cleaners,garment steamers, steam mops that utilize high temperatures to kill 99,9%of all germs,viruses(including covid-19), allergens,mold and mildew,bugs and dust mites.

  • Chemical free
  • Super sufficient
  • Eco friendly alternative to clean and sanitize your home.

Cleaning heroes will use the power of the steam to clean your couch, rugs,carpets,curtains,household surfaces including: sealed tile and hardwood floors,showers,tubs, ovens, stove tops,countertops and more.

  • Vacuum all floors in every room.
  • Dust and wipe all accessible surfaces
  • Empty all trash cans

We won't stop till your household is perfectly clean, perfectly safe and pathogen free for your family.

 After we make sure your home is perfectly clean we set up a weekly, biweekly or monthly plan to maintain your home clean. We repeat a free deep cleaning/sanitizing procedure every 10 visits. This way you have a healthy, clean home all year long.

  •   We provide you with your own cleaning sponges and towels that we are only using at your home and nowhere else!
  •   We bring cleaning supplies, steamers, vacuum
  •   We use powerful botanical mixtures, biodegradable, non toxic cleaning supplies.

Commercial Cleaning

A high traffic area such as your business, needs to be safe for your employees, your clients, and visitors. Limit sick days and keep your employees healthy.

We offer customized cleaning and disinfecting services that meet your needs.

Our team uses powerful steamers, or  Electrostatic spray of all surfaces. Hard and soft surfaces. We use biodegradable disinfecting botanical solutions, registered on EPA list for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) ,influenza A (H1N1) – HIV-1 AIDS Virus – Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)


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We Serve:
  • Banks and financial institution
  • Event centers
  • Office buildings
  • Religious buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Healthcare buildings

We are the disinfecting experts! For your home or business we guarantee a space 100% germs free! We use two methods to disinfect your space. Both super sufficient, eco friendly and chemical free!

We clean, disinfect and deodorize a wide variety of surfaces using no chlorine or other harsh chemicals. We provide one-step disinfecting, sanitation on hard and soft surfaces.

  • High-temperature steam cleaners that utilize high temperatures to kill 99,9%of all germs, viruses(including covid-19), allergens, mold and mildew, bugs and dust mites.
  • Kills, Destroys and Eliminates Household Germs
  • Disinfect, Sanitize, Clean, and Deodorize
  • Electrostatic spray cleaners

We use biodegradable disinfecting botanical solutions, registered on EPA list for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) ,influenza A (H1N1) – HIV-1 AIDS Virus – Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Disinfect,

  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and mold.
  • Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.
Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Refresh and disinfect the fibers of your carpet with the  best deep-cleaning method you can use, Steam cleaning! Cleans, disinfects, and eliminates odors from your carpet.

  • Chemical free.
  • Kids and Pets friendly.
  • Cleans spots, dirt and bacteria


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