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Commercial Demolition

What exactly is Construction and Demolition Debris? Is it brick, block, and rubble? Is it wood and heavy timber from homes? Is it drywall or roofing materials? Is it recyclable metals and copper? Well, the answer is simple:

“It’s all of that and more.” The Code defines Commercial and Demolition Debris or C&D Debris as “waste products and recyclables resulting from the construction, remodeling, or demolition of building and/or other structures including, but not limited to, wood, metals, concrete, brick, clay, glass, plastics, dirt, asphalt, cement, lumber, wallboard, roofing material, ceramic tile, plastic pipe, and excluding putrescibles, garbage, and liquid wastes.”

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Here at Demolition & Excavation Leaders, we’re highly experienced in working with insurance. We understand dealing with insurance may seem intimidating. Every insurance coverage is different, that’s why we’re dedicated to give each individual customer our undivided attention.

We aim to restore your property plus help you save money in the process. Through our experience working with insurance companies, we’re confident we can make the process as smooth as possible.

Residential Demolition

We are proud to offer full-service residential demolition and debris removal services for all home renovation and construction projects. Whether you need a complete home cleanup or just a few rooms tidied up, you can count on us to deliver professional-grade demolition services for all your home improvement needs.

Our residential demolition service includes, but is not limited to, the following home improvement projects:

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  • Deck & Patio Demolition
  • Kitchen Demolition
  • Cabinet Demolition & Removal
  • Bathroom Demolition
  • Carpet & Flooring
  • Shed Demolition & Removal Services
  • Play-Set Demolition & Removal
  • Yard Debris Removal
  • Pool removals and backfill
  • Pool demolition
  • Commercial and residential excavation (Small and Big)
  • Trenching
  • Grading
  • Drainage
  • Building and homes complete demolition
  • Interior demolition and removal of debris
  • Foundation and concrete demolition
  • Landscape and hardscape demolition
  • Mobile homes and trailers demolition
  • Hauling away- Construction debris and junk removal
  • Pier drilling
  • Soft and hard demolition
  • Lot clearing
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Excavation Services

Excavation contractors are fond of telling their friends that they couldn’t bear to give up their childhood dump trucks, so they exchanged them for bigger versions. In the world of construction, excavation contractors do much more than haul dirt around; their responsibilities include site preparation, grading, trenching and many other soil-related tasks. And, yes, they do operate some very large pieces of heavy equipment.

Site Preparation

In a typical residential construction project, the excavation contractor shows up after the surveying crew determines the house and lot boundaries. The contractor removes the soil to the depth required for the new foundation and ensures the soil is firm through compaction tests and compaction with equipment, if necessary. The dig requirements are precise, so the excavation contractor must be able to use a level and transit to match the grade posted by the surveying crew. After the foundation contractor pours the footers and stem wall, the excavation contractor backfills around the new foundation.

Grading Services

Demolition & Excavation Leaders prides itself on being your single-source site preparation contractor. We not only provide quality demolition services, we also take the next step to grade and prepare your site for new construction. Our grading projects are accomplished with the same level of quality and safety as our demolition work. We have expertise in a wide array of procedures to ensure your project is successful, including mass excavation, over-excavation & compaction, back-fill and finish grading. Project experience includes commercial, multifamily-residential and industrial projects of any size.


"Friendly service and professional staff. Worked with me and neighbors to get a old shed and hot tub removed. Estimator Eran G. showed up on time for consultation and gave me a fair bid. The demolition crew showed up a Little late do to a small scheduling issue but now real issue."

"Wanted to remodel my bathroom and hired them to demo and haul away, their guys were very professional and the left the site clean. We already in contact with them for another project to remove a tree in our back yard"

"Very helpful team. We hired them to clean our back yard from construction debris and to demo a fence. They did it very fast. I was happy with their customer service as well. The price was a on the higher side but over all good service"