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Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Alameda, CA

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Why you need a drain cleaning service?

The drain cleaning  service that we offer is necessary for residential customers with plumbing problems such as clogs and slow drains. These are common issues in homes today after a few years of use because so much food debris, hair, soap scum, grease build up, etc can accumulate inside the drain pipe leading to a blockage which eventually causes sewage or septic odors to come from your home’s pipes.

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How to avoid clogs and backups in your drains?

Avoid dumping food particles, grease or oils down the drain

Use a non-foaming soap to wash dishes and hands

Rinse off foods like rice before cooking them in large quantities

Cleaning out dryer lint traps after every load of clothes is washed can also help eliminate future clogs from occurring inside your drains

Keep garbage disposal blades sharp by grinding ice cubes occasionally instead of letting them accumulate over time on the blade surface which will dull it if left alone for too long.

Keep a clean kitchen sink (wash up pans during preparation as soon as possible, use hot soapy water not only when washing pots but while cleaning vegetables, rinse with cold water then put dirty

Plumbing Heroes offer Emergency Drain Cleaning Service in Alameda, CA & Nearby Areas

To avoid Drain clogging problem we offer our drain cleaning service for residential customers with plumbing issues such as clogs and slow drains that need help clearing out their system by using special equipment designed for this purpose like rooter work which  involves locating the clog out of a drain pipe and using an auger to remove it.

Regular Inspection is also done on properties where risk of water leakage may be present such as in old buildings, low lying areas or construction sites. Our services include leak detection which can help find any leaks in electrical wiring systems, sewage lines, bathrooms, kitchens etc. once they are detected we offer our repair service for them from plumbing issues like Leak Repair/Faucet Repair/Dishwasher Repair to gas leakages that need immediate attention

We provide 24 hour emergency Plumbing Services so if you have burst pipes at night don't panic just give us a call and we will reach your place within 60 minutes because every minute counts.

Drain Service When You Need It Most

We offer a wide variety of services and have been around for long time, so don't hesitate to call us today if you need any service done! We provide 24/hour emergency Plumbing Services as well as same day services available seven days a week in order to give the customer prompt arrival within 60 minutes during emergencies. For all other problems that happen throughout the year such as leaking pipes or clogged drains, please contact us right away because it's always better to be safe than sorry. You never know when your plumbing system could cause major water damage to your home and ruin important documents inside.


"The plumber and supervisor showed up on time!! 5mins early in fact. Courteous and hard-working. Removed and installed my tankless system. Consulted/recommended options for the install."

"After 4 different plumbing companies/people no-showed, I hired Plumbing Heroes to take care of my uninstall/reinstall of my EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater. Their price quote was equivalent to the other companies and they booked right away."

"Prices are inclusive: charge by the job so it includes labor and materials. I did supply some materials and unit for tankless install."