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"We all know the story. It's been a long winter and you're sitting at your desk, trying to focus on work when you suddenly notice a trickle of water coming from behind the radiator in your office. You quickly walk over to find that one of your pipes has frozen and now there's water pouring out onto the floor."

It's not uncommon for pipes to freeze in cold weather. If you suspect that there is a frozen pipe in your home, office or business, then it's important to act quickly! Frozen pipes can lead to serious water damage.

Why do pipes freeze?

Frozen Pipe

The pipes in your home can freeze just like the ones outside. If you live in a cold climate, it is possible that water may be flowing through them at any time of year.

What is surprising are the ways that frozen pipes can create havoc in your home. Leaky or burst water lines mean standing water and flooded basements. You don't want to be wading through all that muck - so how do we make sure this doesn't happen to you?

First, let's talk about what causes pipe freezing in the first place:

Low temperatures and high humidity levels. When these two forces collide, a frost layer forms on exterior walls and then seeps inside through cracks or leaks, which means even if it feels like spring outside - inside your house could be getting colder by water seeped inside the wall.

In the Cold weather, the higher the water pressure, the more likely that your pipes are to freeze.

How to thaw a frozen pipe?

What should you do if Pipes Freeze happens? There's no need to panic - there is a number of things which can be done:

- Operate any faucets in the house periodically. This will help keep them from freezing up and also prevent leaks when thawing occurs.

- If it has already frozen, run hot water through at least one tap until the frost disappears or use boiling pots of water for short periods so cold air cannot get in around the taps; then turn off all taps remotely connected with those two valves  to ensure they don't burst during thawing process. "If ice still persists," says Klineberg.

It is always better to call a Professional Plumber to help you thaw Frozen Pipes. Why you need a professional plumber to repair frozen pipes?

A professional plumber has the right tools and knowledge to thaw frozen pipes.  A Plumbing contractor firm like Plumbing hero's which is based in California can help you with Frozen Pipe repair service for your commercial or residential property, Gas leak repair & Re-piping services too.

We offer services related to Frozen Pipes: We will come out on an emergency basis if there are any signs of freezing including ice at base of faucet; Thaw water lines up to outside meter box using hot water, steam jetting equipment or propane torches; Replace cracked pipes which can cause water to freeze; Install anti-freeze agent in pipes which will not allow water lines to freeze.

Importance of water leak detection and prevention systems

When the frozen pipes are thawed, the thawed water can cause leakage . If you have a leak detection and prevention system, the water will be shut off before any leakage can occur.

If there are any signs of freezing including ice at base of faucet; Thaw water lines up to outside meter box using hot water, steam jetting equipment or propane torches; Replace cracked pipes which can cause  water to freeze; Install anti-freeze agent in pipes which will not allow water lines to freeze.

Water Leakage can cause damage to your property such as:

Mold and mildew can occur due to the water soaking into your basement walls, floors or ceilings  causing them to rot. This can also cause a foul odor in addition to an infestation of insects such as termites that will seek out this new moist environment.

Water can seep through cracks in foundations if it is not stopped fast enough which causes damage leading to costly repairs including having your home elevated.

If you have any concerns for possible leaking pipes Plumbing hero's would be happy to help . We offer 24/hour emergency services at no additional charge; our team has experience working on commercial properties , we are available 365 days a year and all work is done by certified technicians with warranties offered.

Tips for winterizing your home's plumbing system before the cold weather hits

For Offices, it may be necessary to hire a professional plumber for this process. Owners should follow these tips in order to winterize their plumbing system and avoid costly repairs:

- Avoid running water when you are not using it (i.e., do not leave taps on). This will reduce wear on your pipes by freezing them less frequently. It also saves money!

- Use plastic or rubber hoses along with metal hose clamps instead of galvanized steel ones that will corrode over time due to corrosion from salt use during colder months; switch out any copper parts as well because they can break down under certain circumstances. Be sure to cover all exterior spigots and faucets with insulation for prevention against frozen pipes in the future too. Call Plumbing heros if you have any questions about this process

- If you have an electric or gas furnace, call for service to inspect it and turn it off if necessary

- Drain your pipes by opening all faucets to let out any remaining water

- Keep a bucket under downspouts and open them so they don't freeze over again. Close doors leading outside to prevent cold air from getting inside.

- Fill up containers with hot water and place them around the house where there's exposed pipe (eaves, windowsills) and Turn on ceiling fans in rooms without heaters to circulate warm air throughout the room

How much does Frozen Pipes Repair cost in Alameda, CA?

Frozen pipes repair: starting at $250-650 depending on length of pipe and how deep they have managed to find the frozen section. The more difficult it will be if there's a gas leak in your house or apartment complex. This could cost up to tens of thousands of dollars for repairs that require shutting off all gas sources from outside before any work can begin so as not to endanger lives and neighboring units.


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