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What is a garbage disposal and how does it work?

A garbage disposal unit  is a plumbing appliance that is installed underneath your sink. The garbage disposal unit is powered by water running down the drain and spinning with a turbine. The blades inside of the disposer's grinding chamber are what do all of the work. They chop up any food waste that enters, using an impeller to propel them out through a stainless steel grate in front of the blade area.   When there is no more food or scraps to grind, some types will have a splash shield which directs excess particles into dishwasher service tubes where they can be washed away before being sent down your pipes for discharge from your home’s plumbing system at large.

A garbage disposal unit can be installed by an experienced plumber or you may purchase a new one for your home.

The installation process should include connecting any dishwasher pipes as well, since installing either appliance without considering its role in disposing food scraps could lead to plumbing problems down the line such as clogs or flooding caused by improper water drainage systems. For example, if discharge hoses are connected improperly onto a drain pipe that doesn't slope downward then the scraps will stick and cause dysfunction.

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Common repairs for Garbage Disposal Unit

Here are few common repairs that may need done on a new or old garbage disposal.

-Replacing the dispenser grinding plates, if they are broken.

-Cleaning and replacing cables that connect to a dishwasher or other garbage disposal appliance.

-Removing an old disposer unit from its mounting bracket and installing a new one in its place.

-Using sealant for leaks around pipes coming into the disposer area of kitchen sinks caused by improper installation when plumbing was completed. (Sealant is also used on threaded pipe joints which may not have been sealed with plumbers' putty.)

Signs that you need to call Plumbing Heroes for Garbage Disposal System Repair -

-Your garbage disposal is not working at all or there are strange sounds coming from your disposer while running water.

-There's a bad smell coming out of your sink drain that won't go away with cleaning or plunging (plunging involves inserting an object like pipe down the drain in order to break up clogs).

-Water isn’t draining well within the dishwasher. If none of these situations apply for you but something else does, then you must call us.


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