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Leak Repair is another  service that we offer. We are here for you 24/365 to resolve the needs of your leaky faucets, dripping pipes or any other water related problems in and around your home. Water leaks can cause a major problem with mold growth on drywall within hours; so don't wait! Give us a call at (888) 747-2744 today

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What is a leak and what are the causes?

A leak is when water builds up and runs from a faucet, pipe or other fixture. There are many causes of leaking systems including worn washers, broken pipes, corroded joints and more. Repairing these leaks can help you to save money on your monthly utility bills as well!

The causes of Water Leaks  can be:

* Worn out washers in faucets, shower heads or other fixtures -

* Broken pipes and joints from corrosion - can run into the thousands of dollars to replace an entire section of pipe

* Leaking component that is not visible without removing cabinets or floors

The major benefits of hiring a local Plumber is, he is  more affordable, he is more accessible and has the right training to handle any situation.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of year so please don't hesitate to call us now if you need help!

Local Plumbers can provide emergency service within minutes while other plumbing companies may take up to an hour or more depending on their location!

How to identify a leak?

Identifying a leak  can be tricky, but it's important to know the signs of a leak. A good place to start looking for leaks is in and around your water meter as this area can often contain leaks from long-term wear on plumbing pipes or joints that have opened up over time. You may also notice drips coming from under your sinks or toilet which are indicative of leaking supply lines.

Confirm you do indeed have a leak by turning off all sources of water downstream: stop using household taps, showerheads, etc., then look at where the dripping has stopped - if there's still any dripping going on after shutting down everything upstream (such as toilet flushing), you should call an emergency plumber immediately!

Preventative measures for future leaks (weather stripping, caulking)

To ensure there are no future leaks, you can use caulking or weather stripping to seal up any gaps that are causing a water leak.

If your problem is coming from the wall behind the toilet (or anywhere else where it's hard for you to get at), ask us about our Leak Locator service which we find by detecting tiny changes in pressure caused by leaking pipes; this will pinpoint exactly where there's a leak and whether or not there are other areas of concern too.

Here are few tips to Prevent future leaks :

-Remember to turn off the water before leaving home for an extended period of time. (For example, if you're going on vacation)

-Try not to let dishes pile up in your dishwasher because this will cause a build up of scum which can lead to leaks and other problems down the road.

-Check pipes regularly for any damage or potential signs that they could burst: If there's anything unusual with your plumbing system, call us right away!

We have provided residential plumbing service to homeowners throughout Bay Area, CA. Our team of professional plumbers will arrive in just 30 minutes from when you place your order and fix whatever is broken quickly and efficiently without cutting corners - guaranteed ! All work comes with a written warranty.


"The plumber and supervisor showed up on time!! 5mins early in fact. Courteous and hard-working. Removed and installed my tankless system. Consulted/recommended options for the install."

"After 4 different plumbing companies/people no-showed, I hired Plumbing Heroes to take care of my uninstall/reinstall of my EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater. Their price quote was equivalent to the other companies and they booked right away."

"Prices are inclusive: charge by the job so it includes labor and materials. I did supply some materials and unit for tankless install."