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What is a sewer line and why do they need to be repaired?

A sewer line is a pipe that connects the property to a public sewer and is used for sewage disposal. The purpose of repairing or replacing a sewer line is to prevent clogs, overflows, and other issues from occurring in the plumbing system of your property.

The reason why it must be repaired or replaced is because the sewer lines are usually made of clay or cast iron. With time, these materials will erode and crack which may lead to leakage or clogs in your property's plumbing system which may lead to water damage and other issues.

How Plumbing Heroes can help in Sewer Line Inspection?


Let's see, how often should we inspect the sewer line ? It is not practical to inspect it on a monthly basis. The best time interval would be every three years or so, just make sure that you are always aware of any problems with the sewer lines and have them repaired quickly.

a) Clogs can cause sewage backup into your property's plumbing system which may lead to water damage and other issues

b) Sewer pipes usually made of clay or cast iron- over time material corrodes, cracks leading to leakage or clog in plumbing

c) Best way to avoid this problem is by having sewer pipe inspection at least once every few years

d) Make sure that all repairs done promptly

e) If there's a sudden leak: call us immediately

f). No matter what type of emergency service we will help in any way possible.

Signs that your home needs sewer lines inspected

Here are the signs that your home need the sewer line inspection -

  1. Sewer line clog
  2. Leakage
  3. Slow drainage
  4. Sudden leak in sink or toilet
  5. A bad smell coming from your drains
  6. Sour taste when you turn on the water

Cost of Sewer Line Repair in Alameda and Nearby Areas

Cost of having pipes repaired is lesser than changing it. But if you are not sure about the problem, it is best to hire a professional

Sewer line clog: $120-$230 depending on size of sewer lines and location.

Plumbing Heroes is a plumbing contractor company based out of Almeda, California that offers services such as sewer line repair, frozen pipe repair, gas leak & re-piping. But if you're not sure about the problem, it's best to hire a professional.


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