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Slab Leak is One of common and dangerous problem. The Leak in Slab are caused by water pressure pushing up from the ground and seeping into the building foundation. This could be due to a lack of drainage around the property or downpipes becoming blocked with tree roots, dust or leaves as it flows away from the house. Slab leaks can also occur because of natural erosion and wear in the clay pipes that run between your property and your home's main water supply. These types of leaks are usually easy to spot because they tend to trail off down cracks along paths made by previous leaks.

If the crack or leak is left undisturbed, there is a bigger risk of developing molds and rust in the water supply as it leaks into soil where it can cause serious health hazards to people living around that area. The slab leakage problem should be identified early stages so that you can take several precautionary measures before it worsen or spread on further areas making your home structure unsecure.


Possible Causes of Slab Leak:

The major slab leak problem is caused by a lack of proper maintenance in home plumbing system. The pipe connections that leads to the house are secured with rubber or plastic seals which prevent the leakage and water from seeping through cracks in the ground, but over time these seals lose their elasticity due to excessive exposure to chemicals and water pressure which leads to gradual cracking in pipes which ultimately allows rainwater into your foundation.

As you can see some of the causes of slab leaks include issues related to clogging of downpipes , blocked gutter systems , cracked supply lines , water pressure problems etc., If any of these symptoms occur then it would be wise if you take care immediately . It is a disturbing situation if there is already a slab leak going on in your household , so the best thing to do is call a professional plumbing service and have it fixed .

Signs that you have Slab Leak:

In most cases , the first signs of slab leak problem is visible on your water bill. You see, when there is slab leak in you house, then it lets the rainwater into your home's foundation which causes pressure inside and out. This pressure usually forces excess water behind your wall, so a portion of it end up leaking into nearby drains or the ground . As a result, even though you may not be able to spot any water puddle coming from your walls or ceilings, chances are that a good amount later ends up going down drains in your bathroom and kitchen. If this happens and if it keeps happening over time without being addressed properly then obviously this will raise questions regarding to how much expenses has gone through because of these types of leaks.

In this situation, you should look for warning signs such as drips or leaks appearing in the area where there is no water fixtures or appliances installed . There could be tiny wet spots at your walls that may lead towards a faucet and if not checked immediately then it will spread to more areas.

Another other sign is cracking of cement foundation wall or insides in walls due to erosion caused by water leaking inside wall cavities . You can easily notice it on ceilings and walls which are directly under roof due to fact that rainwater usually leaks through gutters . Another situations where slab leak problems happens is when the soil around the house becomes unable to hold certain amount of moisture and therefore causes flooding near foundations taking debris with it as it goes.

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